Social Security Number In Austria

Social Security Number In Austria: Explained

Embarking on a new life in Austria involves more than picturesque landscapes and rich cultural experiences; it requires understanding the essentials like obtaining a Social Security Number (SSN).

This number is your key to accessing a range of services and benefits in Austria, from healthcare to taxation. Our guide is crafted to navigate you through the process of obtaining your Austrian SSN, ensuring a smooth integration into the heart of Europe.

Let’s dive in!

What Is The Social Security Number In Austria?

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Austria does not use social safety numbers (SSNs) like different countries such as the United States. 

Instead, Austria has a unique variety system called the “Sozialversicherungsnummer” or “Versicherungsnummer” (social insurance number). This range is assigned to people for social protection and fitness care purposes.

It covers the following key points:

  • Pension (Retirement): The Social Security software offers pensions to people who have contributed to the system in the course of their working years. The pension is defined by the person’s donation and other items.
  • Health Insurance: Austria has an obligatory health insurance system that covers clinical charges, which includes hospital stays, physician visits, and medicinal drugs. The program is supported with the aid of donations from employers and personnel.
  • Accident Insurance: The Austrian social protection system presents coverage for injuries and occupational illnesses. It affords monetary aid and commissioning services to individuals with injuries or diseases.
  • Unemployment Insurance: Individuals who lose their jobs are eligible for unemployment advantages, provided they meet certain eligibility criteria. The arrangement is designed to provide financial assistance at times of unemployment.
  • Family Support: Family benefits are designed to help families with children. These benefits consist of monetary useful resources, tax credits, and different help.
  • Social Assistance: In addition to the unique packages defined above, social assistance packages are designed to help people and families dealing with financial difficulties or special circumstances.

Are The Social Security Number And Social Insurance Number The Same In Austria?

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Yes, the social security number and social insurance number are identical in Austria. Although, these terms refer to numbers used in different countries.

In Austria, the equal of a social protection number is the Sozialversicherungsnummer, which is interpreted as a social insurance number. 

This wide variety is used for social insurance functions and is assigned to folks who are part of the Austrian social coverage system. It also facilitates social safety advantages and contributions. 

In comparison, in the United States, a Social Security Number is a unique nine-digit wide variety assigned to U.S. citizens, everlasting residents, and brief residents. 

It is used mainly for tax functions and for monitoring character employment histories to assert Social Security advantages.

How To Get Your Austrian Social Security Number?

In Austria, Austrian social coverage companies (Sozialversicherungsträger) administer the social security system. 

To get an Austrian social safety number, you need to follow these steps:

  • Registration Conditions: You need to register your house in Austria before applying for a social safety number. This can generally be executed at the nearby registration office (Meldeamt) within the city or town in which you stay.
  • Business Or Self-Employment: If you have an activity, your organization will enroll you in the social coverage program. If you are self-employed, you must enroll in the social insurance scheme.
  • Choose The Right Life Insurance Company: There are different social insurance offices in Austria depending on your occupation and employment status. Common ones include the Austrian Health Insurance Fund (Österreichische Gesundheitskasse – ÖGK) and the Social Insurance Agency for Trade and Industry (Sozialversicherung der gewerblichen Wirtschaft – SVA). Be sure to enroll in the right organization based on your circumstances. If you are self-hired, you have to enroll in the social insurance scheme.
  • Important Files To Be Provided: You may need to provide some documents which include your passport or ID, evidence of residence, employment contract, and so on. If you are self-hired, you may want to offer additional documentation related to your business.
  • Wait For Your Social Security Number: After finishing the enrollment process, the social coverage enterprise will issue you with a social safety number. This number will be used for numerous functions together with medical insurance, pension contributions, and other social safety benefits.
  • Queries: If you’ve got any questions or concerns about the process, it is advisable to contact your organization or the applicable social insurer. They can provide help and make sure you complete all necessary steps.

Remember that unique phrases and procedures may additionally vary, and it’s essential to test with the relevant authorities or your company for the maximum accurate and up-to-date facts.

What Does The Social Security Number In Austria Look Like?

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The Austrian Social Insurance system assigns the SV number to individuals to manage social security contributions and benefits.

The structure of the SV number is usually a combination of ten digits, and is used to track the person’s Social Insurance record:

  • Check digit
  • Three digits corresponding to the serial number
  • Six digits corresponding to date of birth (DDMMYY).

It is important to note that to ensure personal safety and privacy, specific information about the design and configuration of the SV-Nummer cannot be released publicly.

Where Can You Find Your Social Security Number?

To find out the Sozialversicherungsnummer you could take a look at your social safety documents, for instance:

  • Social Security Card: If you have got a job in Austria, you may have obtained a social security card together with your Sozialversicherungsnummer.
  • Employment Files: Your Sozialversicherungsnummer may be protected in your employment contract or earnings documents.
  • Social Safety Documents: Any verbal exchange or correspondence you obtain from the Austrian Social Security government may be your Sozialversicherungsnummer.
  • Contact The Relevant Authorities: If you can not find your Sozialversicherungsnummer, you may contact the Austrian Social Security office or the relevant authority. They ought to have the ability that help you reclaim or affirm your unique character.

Be careful about sharing such personal information, and be sure to keep it confidential to prevent identity theft or misuse. If you have any concerns or questions, you should contact the appropriate Austrian authorities for guidance.

What Are The Social Insurance Bodies In Austria?

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In Austria, there are several social coverage institutions accountable for various elements of countrywide social protection. 

These groups include:

  1. Pensionsversicherungsanstalt (PVA): The Austrian Pension Insurance Agency administers the pension scheme. It administers pension contributions, determines pension eligibility, and distributes pension bills.
  2. Allgemeine Unfallversicherungsanstalt (AUVA): The General Agency for Accident Insurance is liable for accident coverage. It covers injuries and occupational illnesses and offers benefits and rehabilitation services.
  3. Sozialversicherung der Selbständigen (SVS): The social coverage organization for the self-hired is answerable for the social safety of self-employed people.  This includes health insurance, pension coverage, and a twist of fate coverage.
  4. Wiener Gebietsrankenkasse (WGKK): The Vienna Regional Health Insurance Fund is one of the local health insurance bodies in Austria. The Provincial Health Insurance Fund is responsible for the implementation of health insurance coverage, which includes treatment, health facility care, and prescription drugs.
  5. Arbeiterkammer (AK): Although not a direct social insurer, it plays an advocacy role for workers’ rights and social issues.
  6. Sozialministeriumservice (SMS): Social Affairs, Health, Care, and Consumer Protection oversees various aspects of social policy in Austria. It has a role in formulating and organizing social security policies.

These are some of the main organizations involved in the Austrian social security system.

What Is An E-CARD?

The e-card is your private key to the Austrian healthcare system. An e-card is a digital insurance card in the shape of a financial institution card that includes all the private statistics approximately the insurer. 

So you should convey it to you each time you visit the health practitioner or hospital. In addition, many healthcare providers require a photo ID with your e-card to prevent abuse. 

The card entitles the holder to additional services such as mother and child passing exams (for pregnant women and children as young as 5) or screenings. 

The e-card also acts as a European health insurance card and entitles owners to free medical care at all national healthcare facilities across the EU.

How Is An E-Card Issued In Austria?

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Here are all the details of the process of issuing e-cards in Austria:

  • Automatic Issuance: Eligibility for health insurance in Austria is usually automatically issued with an e-card. Eligibility is generally linked to employment or residence, and persons covered by the Austrian social insurance system are entitled to health insurance.
  • Personal Information: The e-card contains vital information such as the person’s name, insurance number, date of birth, and other relevant details.
  • Distribution: The e-card is distributed by health insurance banks or companies responsible for the Austrian social insurance system.
  • Functional Activity: Once a user has their e-card, it is usually activated and ready to use.
  • Use It In Healthcare Settings: Individuals can present their e-card when accessing healthcare services, including visits to doctors, hospitals, or pharmacies.
  • Updates And Resources: The e-card should be renewed or updated periodically to ensure that the information on the card is current.


With the end of this guide, securing your Social Security Number in Austria should now seem less daunting. Equipped with this information, you’re ready to unlock the full potential of living in Austria, from health services to social benefits.

Your journey in Austria, supported by this vital number, can now commence with confidence and ease.

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