Job Seeker Visa For Austria

Job Seeker Visa For Austria: A Simple Guide

Embarking on the journey to secure a Job Seeker Visa for Austria? You’re not just packing your bags for the Alps; you’re gearing up for an adventure in bureaucracy and opportunity alike! Fret Not! We’ve got you covered!

This guide is your trusty map through the maze of requirements, ensuring you don’t miss a beat (or a document) on your way to job-hunting success in the land of Mozart, schnitzel, and stunning landscapes.

Let’s dive in!

What Is The Austrian Job Seeker Visa?

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The Employment Visa in Austria gives non-EU/EEA residents the right to stay in Austria for a brief period to seek employment. 

A duration of six months, extendable by a period of a further six months, gets the right of entry in the Austrian marketplace.

Applicants must demonstrate sufficient wealth to meet the expenses of living in Austria and possess the appropriate qualifications or skills to secure employment opportunities. 

This visa does not allow employment but its purpose is to facilitate the transition to a work permit to secure employment. 

This is a viable option for individuals who want to build a business and stay in Austria.

Do I Need To Apply For An Austrian Job Seeker Visa?

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Whether you need to apply for an Austria Job Seeker Visa is dependent upon your nationality and immigration status.

If you are a non-EU/EEA citizen and intend to search for employment in Austria, then applying for a Job Seeker Visa is typically necessary. This visa permits you to live in Austria while actively searching for employment.

However, in case you’re an EU/EEA citizen who has a visa-free arrangement with Austria, you no longer need a Job Seeker Visa. 

It is critical to check the specific visa requirements based on your nationality and instances before making plans for your job search in Austria.

Is Austrian Job Seeker Visa And Work Visa Same?

No, the Austrian job seeker visa and work visa are not the same. They serve specific purposes and have different characteristics:

  • Job Seeker Visa: This visa allows people to go to Austria for the motive of looking for employment opportunities. It usually grants a constrained length through which the visa holder can search for a job in Austria. 
  • Work Visa: This visa is granted to individuals who have already secured employment in Austria. It allows them to stay and work inside the country.

The particular necessities for a work visa vary counting elements that integrate the type of assignment, the period of employment, and the person’s qualifications.

What Are The Eligibility Criteria For An Austrian Job Seeker Visa?

To be eligible for an Austrian Job Seeker Visa, candidates typically want to meet the following requirements:

  • Non-EU/EEA Citizenship: You need to be a citizen of a country outside the European Union (EU) or the European Economic Area (EEA).
  • Intent To Seek Employment: The primary motive of your visit to Austria should be to look for employment opportunities.
  • Sufficient Funds: You have to show that you have enough economic resources to support your stay in Austria without relying on external support.
  • Qualifications Or Skills: Possess qualifications, capabilities, or skills that align with the job market demands in Austria.
  • Valid Passport: Hold a passport with a validity duration extending past your supposed stay in Austria.
  • Health Insurance: Obtain health insurance coverage valid in Austria throughout your stay.
  • Clean Criminal Record: Provide evidence of a clean criminal record in your country of residence.

What Are The Requirements For An Austrian Job Seeker Visa?

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The necessities for an Austrian Job Seeker Visa commonly embody the following:

  • Visa Application Form: Complete and sign the visa application form.
  • Passport: Provide a valid passport with a validity duration extending beyond your stay in Austria.
  • Passport Photos: Submit recent passport-sized images according to the specifications mentioned by the Austrian embassy or consulate.
  • Proof Of Financial Means: Demonstrate sufficient price range to cover residence expenses in the course of your stay in Austria, which include financial statements or a sponsorship letter.
  • Health Insurance: Obtain health insurance in Austria for the duration of your stay.
  • Accommodation Proof: Provide proof of accommodation in Austria, such as hotel bookings.
  • Educational Qualifications: Present educational certificates, diplomas, or expert qualifications applicable to your discipline of labor.
  • Curriculum Vitae (CV): Prepare an in-depth CV outlining your educational records, and capabilities.
  • Cover Letter: Write a cover letter explaining your reason for looking for employment in Austria, your qualifications, and your plans at some point during your stay.
  • Criminal Record Check: Provide a certificate of clean conduct or a police clearance certificate.
  • Visa Fee: Pay the desired visa application fee.

How Do I Apply For A Job Seeker Visa For Austria? 

Here are the steps to apply for a Job Seeker Visa for Austria:

  • Research Visa Requirements 
  • Complete Visa Application Form 
  • Gather Required Documents
  • Book Visa Appointment
  • Attend Visa Interview
  • Submit Application and Pay Fee: 
  • Wait for Processing
  • Receive Visa Decision
  • Travel to Germany
  • Start Job Search

Where Do I Apply For A Job Seeker Visa For Austria?  

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To apply for a Job Seeker Visa for Austria, you generally need to go to the Austrian embassy or consulate. 

They are ready to assist you with information regarding the precise necessities, ultimate government requirements, scheduling appointments, and submitting your application with specific files. 

Additionally, embassy websites frequently offer important resources inclusive of visa checklists, and FAQs, and enter your contact in the records to facilitate the application system. 

How Long Does It Take To Process An Austrian Job Seeker Visa?

The processing time for an Austrian Job Seeker Visa can vary depending on different factors including the embassy or consulate in which you apply, your job instances, and the present-day workload of the visa processing workplace.

In general, it is useful to apply for the visa earlier than your supposed date to avoid any sudden delays.

The average processing time for the Job Seeker Visa is about 3 months. However, this is only an estimate. Some applications may take longer or shorter than others depending on individual circumstances.

Some embassies or consulates may additionally provide envisioned processing times on their internet sites, but it is vital to observe that these are mostly approximate durations and might change.

How Much Does An Austrian Job Seeker Visa Cost?

The price of an Austrian Job Seeker Visa can vary depending on your nationality and other elements. 

An Austrian work permit will cost about €160. You will have to pay one hundred twenty€ whilst you post the application, an extra 20€ whilst you receive the permit, and 20€ for the police identification statistics.

In addition to the visa rate, you may also incur different prices associated with the visa application method, along with expenses for report translations, or courier services if applicable.

It is really useful to budget for these additional prices whilst making plans for your visa application.

Can I Take My Family With A Job Seeker Visa In  Austria?

Austria, like many nations, gives a job seeker visa that permits people to enter the country to search for employment opportunities.

However, whether your family can accompany you on this visa relies upon the precise regulations and requirements of Austria’s immigration guidelines.

Typically, job seeker visas are issued for the individual applicant, and they do not instinctively permit individuals from family to accompany them.

Family members may be able to live with you in Austria if you have steady employment and transition to a work visa or some other sort of house permit that allows for family reunification.

What Is The Success Rate Of Finding A Job In Austria With A Job Seeker Visa?

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The success of finding a job in Austria with a job seeker visa can range extensively.

This can include numerous elements, together with your qualifications, capabilities, the current demand for your skills in Austria, your language talent (specifically German), and the current monetary situation.

Austria has a sturdy economic system with a low unemployment price in comparison to many different European countries, which may be wonderful for job seekers. 

Additionally, industries, together with technology, healthcare, engineering, and tourism, may have extra job possibilities available.

However, it is essential to be realistic about your potential. Competition for jobs may be fierce, mainly in job sectors or for fairly sought-after positions. 

Additionally, language obstacles can pose demanding situations for non-German speakers, as many job postings and business environments require proficiency in German.

Networking, utilizing online job portals, attending task fairs, and reaching out to recruitment businesses can overall improve your chances of employment. 

Additionally, gaining insight into Austrian work traditions and the employer’s expectations can be useful.

While there is no definitive success rate for getting a job with a job seeker visa, being proactive, persistent, and adaptable can restore your potential of securing employment in Austria.

Pros And Cons Of An Austrian Job Seeker Visa


Here are a few pros and cons of the Austrian job seeker visa:


Opportunity To Search For Employment: The job seeker visa allows individuals to enter Austria specifically for the reason of seeking employment opportunities. This gives a devoted length to discover job possibilities inside the country.

Access To The Austrian Labor Market: With the job seeker visa, people get entry to the Austrian labor market, which may also offer numerous task opportunities in diverse industries.

Potential For Permanent Residency: If a hit in securing employment, individuals can also transition to a work visa or some other kind of residence permit that would eventually cause permanent residency in Austria.

Experience Austrian Culture And Lifestyle: Living in Austria during the job search period lets in people experience the local subculture, way of life, and language, which can be enriching personally and professionally.


Limited Duration: The job seeker visa typically presents a confined length during which the person can look for employment. If a job isn’t secured within this period, the individual may also need to leave Austria.

Financial Considerations: While looking for employment, individuals have to assist themselves financially, as the job seeker visa does not generally grant the right to work. This may be hard, particularly in cities like Vienna.

Language Barrier: Proficiency in German is commonly important for a lot of job opportunities in Austria, especially in industries. People not familiar with the German language may face challenges in finding suitable employment.

Uncertainty: There is no guarantee of finding a task in the stipulated time of the job seeker visa. Uncertainty concerning job prospects and destiny plans may be worrying for a few individuals.


And there you have it—the ins and outs, ups and downs of securing your Job Seeker Visa for Austria. Remember, this isn’t just about navigating through a pile of paperwork; it’s your first step towards a thrilling new chapter in your life.

So, grab your documents (and maybe a slice of Sachertorte for the road), and step confidently into your Austrian adventure. Your dream job awaits amidst the scenic beauty and cultural richness of Austria.

Future Awaits!

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